August 17, 2012

From the journal of Yamaris Terrero.

Now that I am back home I dont feel the same as in Comalapa Im not talking as much and dont feel like I am doing much with my life. It was after a long day of walking up hills through a muddy path and working all day that I felt like something is being done. I would never forget the experience and the people I’ve met, the laughs I had, and the memories I’ve made. There is nothing compared to the sore muscles after working hard all day because I know I did something great. It was while on the trip that I truly realized what a privileged life I have It was one of those things that you are aware of and are told about a million times but never really take it in until it is seen first hand. I am glad for the life I have and now know to take advantage of everything I possibly could. I know for a fact I would do it again if I am presented the chance.

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