Last Day in Heaven …

Goodbye Comalapa!

August 11, 2012

From the Journal of:  Kim

So it’s approximately 14 hours until I’m on the plane back to Miami and I don’t know how to feel exactly. Although I miss not having to think about where I would get water to brush my teeth, I’m going to miss the friendly people constantly saying ‘Buenas Dias!’ or ‘Como te llamas?’ I want so badly to stay but I know my home is in Boston, where this Guatemala trip first arose. I love all the hard work we’ve done and its a shame we have to leave but I know Guatemala will be seeing the Get Fresh Crew again and again and again!

See you soon Comalapa!

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One Response to Last Day in Heaven …

  1. Lynne says:

    Another successful trip to help the people of Comalapa!! I feel so proud of all of you and special love to Erica (my daughter) and D’Lynn (my daughter from another mother) for making this trip a reality! So much love to all of you!!! Get home safe!

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