Chicken and French Fries in Comalapa

August 10, 2012

From the journal of: Melissa

After work today, many of us went to get Guatemalan fried chicken with french fries which I really craved. We strolled along the streets of Comalapa while the natives just coud not  help but stare at us as always. Before we got to the chicken stall, we went to the ATM with Angel and unfortunately the ATM was out of money. But this did not affect us at all. When we got to the vendor, she was really patient and respectful. when she gave me the french fries and the chicken, I could not wait to eat it. When I finally took a bite of the chicken, i was really pleased because it tasted just as great as i expected. The crispiness of the chicken was flavorful and the french fries were nothing like McDonalds.  I would definitely recommend anyone to try this fried chicken.

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