friday in comalapa


from the journal of: Ray

It seemed that my stay in Comalapa couldn’t get better, but it did. Today was market day.  This is the day that I was looking forward to ever since I heard of it. There are fruits of all sort, and lots of cultural clothing. It’s one of the best places to be if you like shopping. Working today couldn’t be more fun. I had the opportunity to toss layers of cob on the building that we were working on. Maybe I will build a house out of trash and cob just for fun someday. Tomorrow is my last day. I plan to enjoy myself as best as I can. Helping to build a school for the first time is motivating.  The volunteers are very inspiring.  I hope to continue working in different countries. I’m having a wonderful time so far. I can’t wait for tomorrow to come.

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One Response to friday in comalapa

  1. Wow, good for you Ray… and your whole team! I’m sure you’ll all bring some great perspective and ideas back to UMass.

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