The Unsung Chef

August 8, 2012

From the journal of: Angel
Today we got a cooking lesson from a 16 year old Comalapan local named Roberto. He taught us how to make different types of salsas that are commonly made by the majority of the population here. Roberto taught himself how to cook by observing others over the years. Because his mother was mostly out of the house working, he took it upon himself to learn this skill and help out. He’s been cooking since the age of 9 and plans to continue learning more so that he can further build his skill. Today was the first time he’s ever taught others in a classroom type setting and he admitted to enjoying himself. Although it’s extremely rare, and almost unheard of in his culture for a male to be in the kitchen, I see an idea slowly snowballing from this experience for him.


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One Response to The Unsung Chef

  1. Lynne says:

    I think that is wonderful to have a cooking lesson from a local teenager in a role not typical for males in Guatemala. Hope you bring home the recipes!! What a fantastic time you all must be having! Soak it all in!

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