Protein Bars to The Rescue !

Kim painting some freshly welded grates with the beautiful Comalapan sky behind her.

August 7, 2012

From the Journal of : Kim

Today was the first actual full day of working with Long Way Home and I have to say it was better than I expected. When we first got to to the work site, it was pretty quiet and desolate. But as the day passed, more people arrived and the work site became lively. My first job was picking rocks from atop a hill. These rocks were going to be pounded into cob  that made up a wall to an administrative room.  While pounding the rocks into the cob, I was talking with the native Guatemalan workers. They were constantly smiling and surprised that we were actually understanding them and replying to them.

During the middle of the day however, after lunch was served, I felt myself becoming sluggish. So I grabbed a fudge graham cracker protein bar and Wow did I feel energized. I felt great sifting the sand even though my back ached and biceps that I never knew I had started to arise. All in all today was great and I can’t wait for tomorrow when we get to go to the park and play with the kids ! Hope I get another protein bar.

p.s   I ate papas fritas  today and they were amazing !

Kim and the group showing their biceps after a long day of work.

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