Day 3: ( best day so far)

Faetitia checking out the rainwater sink at Tecnico Maya.

August 7, 2012

From the journal of: Faetitia

Good. That’s how I would describe today. I had so many meaningful conversations with my group and with the local Comalapan workers which felt so refreshing. Although today was day two of working at the site, it was the first full day of work. I enjoyed painting and inhaling potent fumes from the thinner and gasoline, which we used to clean the paint brushes. For some reason, here in Comalapa, it is the scents that speak to me; they explain  why everythng is the way it is (other than the people’s voices themselves of course.) I did so many cultural things today, like  buying my first true meaningful souvenir which was a colorful Guatemlan tapestry that I plan to hang up in my dorm, trying papas fritas from the local street vendors, and lastly riding in those crazy tuk tuks! So yes, today was a good day from the food to the activities that we did. Can’t wait till tomorrow! ‘Til next time, buenas noches =D

The group at the papas fritas y pollos fritos stand.

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2 Responses to Day 3: ( best day so far)

  1. Lynne says:

    Greetings to all of the GetFreshCrew making a difference in Guatemala!!! I love to read all the stories and the pictures are great!! Lots of admiration to all of you and especially my girls ~ Erica and D’Lynn!!! I hope you are enjoying your experience and having some good snacks too! Keep up the blogs…it’s wonderful to be able to read about your adventures!!!

    • getfreshcrew says:

      Thanks for the message! We have been eating all kinds of wonderful things. D’Lynn found watermelon powerade in a bodega a few days ago. We are also eating lots of fresh baked breads and random Guatemalan snacks. Today, we used a part of the money you donated to pay a local teen to teach us how to make 5 different kinds of salsa. He cooked the ingredients on a plancha – a traditional wood-fired stove. We even used a hand-cranked food processor called a molino to crush up all the ingredients. We got to try all the salsas with freshly made tostadas. Your donation is going to great use! Love you!

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