Yamaris and Ray working on a trash bottle wall in the Earthship that Long Way Home is building.

August 6, 2012

From the Journal of: Yamaris

Leaving the hotel, everyone was friendly. It was different from the way I grew up.  In America we can’t leave children under twelve at home without the police trying to take them away. Here in Comalapa, little kids of about four and five years of age walk the streets without any adults with them. I felt a more community feeling where everyone says hello even if they have no clue who you are. None of the kids complained because they had chores to do. It is because of all the struggles they had to face as a community that they are appreciative of what they have. In the states, even people with the newest things are not happy because they have all these extra things that are not needed. Seeing the community´s strength made me grateful that I dont have an Ipod. Seeing people that have less than what I have who still remain happy makes me realize that to be happy I don`t need the newest things. The kids were so glad to see the volunteers to help build a school for them.  All of today´s events made me feel like I belong in the community.

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