Working with Purpose

Taysa and a Tecnico Maya student embracing.

August 6, 2012

From the Journal of: Kortaysa

We went out to the worksite and the kids ran up to us and gave us these warm nice hugs. Everyone made us feel comfortable, and though at times the work got tiring it was worth it. Some people helped create the cob (mud and hay) which is a natural building material. We used it for adding stability to the walls while they were being built. This specific material also helps protect the structure of the buliding from the rain. Others helped cut hundreds of empty water bottles and build up a wall made out of cans. This sounds really tough, but while we worked it was incredible and afterwords you felt like you just did something monumental. In all, today was an awesome day. I got a lot of work done. The kids really amazed me; they were so young and welcoming. While working I felt so proud, because I knew that what I was doing was being done for a great valuable reason and purpose. I was so grateful because they allowed me to help with the project.  I was able to do something meaningful while making an impact on others.

D’Lynn and Kara pulling bottles out to be cut into bricks.

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3 Responses to Working with Purpose

  1. Guy Francois says:

    I am very elated; even though I am not there in Guatemala in person, but with your elicit drawing I can picture the grandiose changes that you’re being part of. I am now being slapped, and kicked with regrets the fact that I am not here with the Crew to contribute in this monumental and prolong work; which many young children will beneficiate from. I hope you take it all back with you T-Marie, and always remember being part of something special makes you special.

  2. Kunthary says:

    Happy to see that you guys made it !!! Especially you, Taysa. Soak up everything and enjoy your experience. Be safe, love ya

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