La segunda dia

Melissa takes a break from polishing cans to smile beautifully for the camera.

August 6, 2012

From the  journal of: Melissa Jean

Today started out great. Our breakfast was fantastic. Since breakfast was delicious, I ate a second plate of tomatoes, avocados, beans and tortillas. I really enjoyed the beans. Afterward we went to town and Lisa, one of the founders of Long Way Home, gave us a tour of the mural in the town square. Lisa told us the story behind the paintings that are part of the mural. The stories were not all happy stories. They also demonstrated the spirit of the Comalapan people. It shows that they are hopeful and most of all they have a sense of community. Comalapa is very different from Guatemala City and of course is the opposite of the US. The people are very friendly. Everyone greets each other, which is something people in the US view as being abnormal. Everyone knows their neighbors and kids  are very independent. We went to the work site where we helped with polishing the aluminum cans that made up the walls.  We also helped with construction. When we arrived there all the kids were so happy, they hugged us. In addition to that one kid was the environmental defender. She basically instructs other kids on how to get rid of their trash properly. Seeing this made me feel very felicitous like I was doing something important. I look forward to seeing how tomorrow will be.

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One Response to La segunda dia

  1. Guy Francois says:

    Hey! I am happy to hear, and see the positive things that you guys from the Get Fresh Crew are doing. It’s great that you Melissa, you’re being part of something special. I Hope that you’re enjoying this trip as much as you’re helping with the environmental changes. Que viva Upward Bound! Si, we puede.

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