Get Fresh Crew Presents Work to Community

Get Fresh Crew members Kim and Faetitia introducing the presentation.

It was standing room only at UMass-Boston last Friday for the Get Fresh Crew’s presentation about their 7-day experience as green builders in Guatemala .  The crowd included elementary, middle, and high school, and college students, UMass-Boston staff, and community members of all backgrounds and ages.  The performance consisted of a brief powerpoint, a live skit, a video with footage from the trip, a photo show and tell, and a youth panel.  Attendees asked questions about how the Crew members’ experiences in Comalapa changed their perspective.  Several Crew Members talked about how they stopped taking their garbage collection and sewer system for granted.  The final question was whether the group would consider doing another trip in the future and the answer was a resounding “Yes.”  An announcement was made that the Get Fresh Crew has already raised over half of the amount necessary to return to Comalapa.  Guests enjoyed cake and sparkling cider and mingled with the Get Fresh Crew members.  If you didn’t make it on Friday, another presentation will occur on a Saturday night in January.  Stay tuned for more information.  If you are interested in supporting the Get Fresh Crew, please click on the Donations page.

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One Response to Get Fresh Crew Presents Work to Community

  1. Simona says:

    Make it early January so I’ll still be in town, please! I would love to hear more from the Get Fresh Crew 🙂

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