Post-Trip Reflection: Kara

From the Journal of: Kara


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I’m sitting at the airport in Miami reflecting on my journey in Guatemala.  Emotionally I was not ready to leave Comalapa, but physically my body was telling me otherwise.  I got traveler’s “you-know-what” this morning and realized that was the queue to depart.  However, I didn’t know saying goodbye to people I only knew for a week would be so hard.  I’m assuming it’s because the people of Comalapa had some things Americans lacked: manners and love… lots and lots of love.  I thought I would be happy to come back home and at times I did miss things about home, such as toilets that can actually flush the paper down.  Now, that seems to be the only thing that’s better.  I miss the simple life back at my home in Comalapa, and yes I said “home;” not “house” but “home”.  It will take some adjustment to return back to my regular lifestyle but overall my lifestyle changed after this trip.  I understand the importance of education, listening to my elders when I am told, and to just all around be a more simple character rather than the complex individual I once was.  My view of life is different now, so hello new world!

Kara working on a table for the Tecnico Maya worksite.

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