A rainy day

 Fast as I could, I took my shovel and slammed the bladed tip deep into the earthly soil. Bits of dirt flung up sky-high as the shovel rocketed back up.  I repeated the process little by little until the task became tedious.  Up and down went the shovel.  Like any other work day, the sun was shooting off its scorching flames.  However, Angel, Ellie and I worked hard like we never worked before. Today we were packing tires, which is literally the definition of fun. I mean, how can a person not have fun collecting, carrying, and smashing dirt into tires?

                Meanwhile, high above the school site, big balls of cotton slowly moved their way over the horizon.  A few crows soared through the clouds, but most of them were in the corn fields.  The day was getting shorter, but for some odd reason time seemed to be frozen in place as I threw down my shovel. I walked a couple of feet from the mound of dirt, only to end up on the edge of a tire.  Before me was a world of natural evolution where animals and plants are free to grow beautifully.  Grass fields the size of mountains encased the background.  I honestly felt like I was staring at a cover issue of national geographic. However, like all good things the perfect world before me crashed.  

                A mass of black rushed behind the grass fields and darted its way up to the clouds. Suddenly, the once peaceful clouds grew dark. I could already tell that something was coming, something ominous. I was not exactly sure what Nature was up to nor did Angel and Ellie. They kept on working. Angel was hoeing away dirt at a speed so fast, the velocity made him look like he was slashing with a katana. While Angel hoed, Ellie watched him in amazement. Of course I was not paying attention. Instead, I focused my mind on the formation of the clouds.

                I widen my eyes at the scene until they became bug eyed.  In seconds, my glasses became covered in fog. A breeze of heavy wind followed behind the fog. I have no idea where the abrupt weather change from, but it sure did look cool. The clouds sluggishly clumped together into a massive pit of darkness. Now I knew what was happening. I added up the dark clouds, wind, and fog and got the answer: Rain.

                My entire form was in shock. I never saw nature take her course like this before. I wanted to move a limb, but I could not. Then came Angel´s roaring voice.  He yelped my name at the top of his lungs, trying to warn me of the incoming downpour. Obviously me being me, I did not bother to listen. Ellie was yelling at me too. When ever it comes to times like this, I always try to make the best of it.  So as rain drops machine gunned down from the ooze of black, I hopped down from the tire and picked up a sledge hammer.  Angel quickly ran to Ellie, grabbing her, and fought his way through the hail sized water droplets. His sombrero shielded the rain from his head. Ellie on the other hand had nothing except her pink t-shirt.  They eventually made it safe to some cover. However, I was in the same spot looking at nature´s wrath.

                The rain was not enough. Nature added thunder upon the rain.  A loud boom tore through the clouds, crackling in every spot.  I slowly lifted up the sledge hammer until it was above my head. It might not be smart for your average person to stand out during a thunderstorm, but Bimpy? Bimpy is much more than average. With the hammer pointed up I positioned the rest of form towards the sky as well. I was waiting for the grand finale. A bolt of lightening suddenly muscled through the atmosphere. Thunder followed. I decided to put my own sound into the mix, screaming “THOOOOOR!“. 

                Comalapa rain sure is fun, especially at a time like this. After a long day of work, rain is soothing. I felt refreshed and new.  All of the dirt that lay attached to my clothing was completely washed away. I love nature, and I bet nature loves me. But, today I also visited some kids.

                Oh, boy do not get me started on the most adorable children I have ever met. Maybe I will save that story for another time.

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