Day 3 of Work and More Shopping

Our daily group circle before heading to work.

From the Journal of: Marcus


Marcus standing on the land he spent hours tamping down.

More silence than empty space, I tumbled and rolled amongst my bed.  Outside was pretty quiet, but I could hardly tell anyway. After being here for five days, all of the noises that happen to be echoing everywhere seemed to be non-existent. I was now able to block out the annoying roosters that crow at the break of dawn. My ears were immune to the sound of the dynamic night life, but my mind was not. I could not get rid of the thoughts that ran through my head. Nonetheless, I slept through the long night.

 The second morning arrived, I automatically sprung up out of bed, only to hop down off from the top bunk. I got up before everybody else did, including the human alarm clock, Angel.  With nobody else up, I headed out to the balcony and fixed my optics upon Nature´s beauty.  The sight was beautiful. Lush green overflowed the massive landscape with hungry vultures flying amongst the open blue sky. They were probably searching for a fresh meal in the local dump. I watched them fly around a few times before getting ready for the rest of my day.

                A few hours later…

                At the work site, Angel, Ellie and I all worked hard on a dirt slope. Although, the sun was blazing furiously I kept on beating the crap out of the dirt with hoes, shovels, tampers, and my own fist. I could honestly do this for days. It even rained today and when it rains in Comalapa, it pours. I still went to work, despite the heavy water droplets plummeting down to the earth like meteors. For a job like this, there is no need to care about anything except for the job itself. I will still work in rain, snow, heck even during the end of the world. Nothing can stop me from completing my task, and oh boy, I completed my task today alright.  

Kadine cleaning bottles that make up a skylight on the roof of Tecnico Maya.

From the Journal of: Kadine


Today was just a normal day.  I had fun cleaning the bottles on top of the roof but not so much putting hairs in the sand.  The day was good until it started to rain and it got so muddy.  Walking back to the hotel was a challenge because I was slipping all over the place.  After we got back from work, we went out to the store to get food.  One store that we went to was the bakery.  Everything looked so good but sadly, I didn’t have enough money to buy any goods.  After a long day, we chilled in our rooms enjoying each other’s company. 

Our wonderful homemade food, courtesy of Cesar.

From the Journal of: Faetitia

August 9, 2011

Tonight I don’t feel too encouraged to write because I can’t find my journal and I’m writing on a piece of loose leaf paper so my homey feeling that inspired me to write is absent at the moment.  But on the other hand today was a perosoza day.  We all worked hard but we took breaks whenever we could.  Last night we didn’t get much sleep because we were up fooling around so it caught up with me.  We had the best dinner today (second only to Sunday’s dinner): pasta salad with veggies.  I didn’t expect it to be so yummy but it was.  The favorite part of my trip here is talking to Manuel.  He is so inspiring and reminds us all why we’re here: to share our culture, learn the Comalapan culture, and meet unforgettable people.  We were thinking about raising money to bring him to Boston for about a week or so but that idea got shut down which was disappointing. 

After work, we went into town and I bought more gifts for people.  I didn’t realize how much things I bought until most of my money was gone but it’s worth it because they have a story behind them.  At desayuno I tasted some Guatemalan hot sauce called picamas and it was AMAZING!  We all bought some to take home at the little tienda next to our hotel.  That was my day today, nothing too eventful b ut still an experience.  I went to a pastry shop and wasted about 150Q on sweets that I didn’t quite like but that’s cool.  Not that many people can say they tried Guatemalan pastries =)  Goodnight, till next time.

Widly with the cutest tire she's ever seen.

From the Journal of: Widly


3rd Day on the Worksite

Today was yet another hard labor day, not as tiring as Monday’s work though.  I spent half of the day sifting sand and shoveling in order to make plaster for the welcome wall.  I finally got to plaster again and I loved it.  It is one of my favorite jobs on the site.  I got to fill a little tire with sand today.  It was the cutest tire (I’m weird.. I know).  And finally I did a job which I absolutely hated which was shoveling compost into a storage bin that the dry composting toilet empties into.  I had to shovel compost in order to prevent the bathroom from smelling.  This job is the yuckiest job to do on the site.  You are literally working with smelly trash, flies flying everywhere and the smell was quite unbearable.  Yuck! Yuck! Yuck!  I hope that I never have to do that again.  And of course, it rained again and we had to stop working outdoors for a bit and started back again.  My day ended very well standing on the roof of our hotel looking at the most beautiful sunset.  The sunset was a mixture of granite, yellow, blue, smoky green and purple as incense filled the air and the sound of dogs barking, Spanish music playing, tuk tuk (Guatemalan taxis) beeping and children laughing and playing.  Ohh man this is the life.  I am going to miss this place.

The dry compost toilets that Widly shoveled compost into.

From the Journal of: Kara


Guess who finally got to take a hot steaming shower today?  Me!!  After coming home from a hard day of work nothing could satisfy me more than that shower.

Workwise, today was not that great.  It rained for half the day at Tecnico Maya, making the work we had to do not as fun.  We couldn’t participate in any jobs involving earth due to it turning into mud and that bummed me out since I was pumped for work.  Everybody has bad days so I suppose today was mine.  However, we took a trip into town with our family friend Manuel and that got my positive energy flowing again.  La panaderia y la tienda de regalos helped me to see more and more how much I belong in this Guatemalan community.  I enjoy walking the streets here, greeting everyone with a “Buena.”  The manners displayed here is one thing America wishes they could also master.  Tomorrow we get to see the park and the school and school children so I will be getting a good night’s rest since I don’t know what to expect out of tomorrow.  Can’t wait though!

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