Day 2 of Work and Our First Comalapan Rainstorm

From the Journal of: Faetitia

August 8th

It rained for the first time since we’ve been here today. It was cool because it only rains here for an hour then it’s sunny again. Overall today was a good day. It started off rough; there was a lot of tension in the group last night and we had a venting session at breakfast that was intense. At the worksite I packed tires and that had to be the most frustrating, laborious and tedious task I’ve ever been asked to do. First of all the sledge hammer seemed to be twice my weight and I had to swing it with all my force just to see all the dirt that I spent 20 minutes on packing fall out and repeat that all over again. But I can say my biceps and abs got toned from that. My favorite part was digging up dirt. It was relaxing and simple. I can honestly say tonight I’m going to have a good night sleep so I’m going to bed now. Till next time world.

From the Journal of: Kara

August 8th

We started off the day pretty rocky, after an amazing pancake breakfast we had a rough community meeting that got emotions flowing in us. However, this helped direct our focus back to why we truly are here and that is to make a better future for the children here in Comalapa.

When we reached the work site I began a small project with Matt; one of the founders of Long Way Home. Together we worked on building a table out of wood which allowed me to finally put my carpenter skills to work. It was a hard process that pushed my limits since I was the only Get Fresh Crew member working on it, but I strived through like any other Get Fresh Crew member would and felt so overjoyed when my task was finished for the day.

My high point of the day was definitely the Comalapan rain storm. I never experienced rain quite like that, being up in the mountains allowed us to visually see the storm form, you know… those things you only see in the movies…yeah, I actually can say I understand the beauty behind it now.

Our time here is decreasing quickly, and it’s a bittersweet feeling. Bitter because I do not want to leave this beautiful country after getting so comfortable in all its culture. Sweet because I do not know how much longer I can take this bad hygiene situation our group is suffering with LOL. However, I think back to the locals and remember that we are doing this for a week while they have been doing it all their lives so complaining would just be the easy way out.

Overall my day went smooth. I love going to the work site and I cannot wait to see what these last few days has in store for us. Stay tuned!!

From the Journal of: Jennifer

August 8th

OMG!!! We went to work today! We finished filling the wall with trash and let me remind you that the more trash we put in the bottles and walls the less there will be in the city and in th water. We finally got to plaster the wall and also planted some seeds (hint, hint flowers and a better future.) I also worked on a tire today and let me tell you…I went hard!!! The thing was filled so well that it was superior to the other tires (LOL, sorry Erica) All in all today was a good day.

Tomorrow is another one and I can’t wait.

From the Journal of Marcus:

August 8th

Guess what everybody, yesterday I went shopping!
The sweet fragrance of fresh fruit filled the heavy air, instantly adding another smell to my nostrils that I will have to get used to. Thousands of thoughts raced through my mind; however I could barely focus on which one to share with the rest of my Get Fresh Crew.  I thought long and hard, but still nothing came out of my mouth.
Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday are market days. Comalapa has a massive, authentic market located in the center of a bustling hive. Guatemalans of all ages sell their items here.
At the market…
As I slowly strolled down a street overflowing with the hues of the rainbow, I nearly tumbled over myself. All around me were several, woven garments and their bright colors gleamed right in my face. I had to rub my eyes a couple of times because I was not used to seeing this many colors in one area. 
Once I reset my senses, I scurried my small form over to one of the vendors and took a look at what the owner had to sell. I originally meant for the glance to be a quick one. Though, once I looked I could not stop. My optics shifted from left to right as I took in the sight. The sight was beautiful. Bread…
 My gaze was locked on piles of bread. The scent was fresher than a batch of grandma´s cookies.  With one wiggle of a nostril I sucked in the smell and suddenly an abrupt smile crept onto my face.  It slowly danced across my cheeks until it reached the rim of my lips. I was about to pounce upon the pile of bread because it was so incredible. And so I did, with lots of quetzals.

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One Response to Day 2 of Work and Our First Comalapan Rainstorm

  1. Jill says:

    Hey everyone!

    I just read through all of your posts and it sounds like you guys are having a blast! You are doing amazing things over there, and I am slightly jealous haha. Enjoy the rest of your time there and have safe travels!


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