Market Day and Dump Tours

En la plaza.

The Get Fresh Crew views the illegal dump. An intense moment.

From the Journal of: Kara

Market Day: 8/7/11

Today the Get Fresh Crew experienced firsthand an average day at a market in Guatemala.  It was a new challenge we had to overcome since none of us quite knew what we were getting ourselves into.  Walking through the market I saw so much of the Guatemalan culture firsthand: hand-woven fabrics, hard labor put into their crops, families sitting in the blazing sun waiting for people to buy their hand-made crafts.  It was just so eye-opening for me.

Also, the dumps hit home for me.  After I saw a dead cat floating through the illegal dump site it really cleared up my view about how bad the trash system is.  It made me remember part of why we are here doing what we are doing.

Now back to the market… It was overwhelmingly amazing.  I was tempted with the sweet smells from the vendors but knew my stomach wouldn’t be able to handle it.  I did buy a – basket though, walking around with it made me feel like I am blending into their culture and that excites me. 🙂

The Get Fresh Crew takes on the mercado in Comalapa.

From the Journal of: Widly


Today was really exciting.  We spent the day at the market in Comalapa, Guatemala.  First we had to exchange our American money to Guatemalan money (Quetzals).  To our surprise we received a lot of money in the exchange.  For $20, we received 180 quetzals.  We splurged like there was no tomorrow.  We ended up buying a lot more than we thought.  The marketplace was beautiful.  It was like a flea market but better.  We bought hand-made materials that would normally be $60-80 in America but here we bought them for 40 Quetzal, which turns out to be a little more than $4 in American dollars.  It was really tiring, but it turned out to be educational and fun.

Today we went to visit the illegal and legal dumps in the town.  To our surprise, the Guatemalan people throw their trash in the ravines.  What was horrifying was smelling and seeing the filth.  What was even more disturbing was seeing a dead cat in the dump.  What seemed disgusting was finding out that the same ravine they use to throw out trash is the water source for drinking water, washing clothes, and cooking.  This illegal dump was nothing compared to the legal dump in the middle of the town.  When we got there, the place was disgustingly, horrifically, disturbingly stomach-turning.  What once seemed to look like a beautiful wild jungle with strong, tall, green trees, a waterfall, and a stream is now a trash-filled smelly land.  The Guatemalans have nowhere to put their trash and do not have a strong social services from the government to help take care of the water system or trash system.  This is causing hygiene problems, air pollution, and sickness.  In the US, rarely do we ever think “What am I gonna do with my trash today?  Where should I dump it?”  All this is already done for us.  Others lack that opportunity and we take it for granted.

Vendor at the mercado.

From the Journal of: Faetitia

Aug 7, 2011

It’s been a longgggg day.  But I can’t lie; it was also pleasant.  I went to the market and bought $40 worth of stuff.  It was quality handmade items.  My most intimidating experience was when I went to the bank to change my American dollars into Quetzals and this security guard greeted me at the door with a 3-foot gun on his side and bullets on his waist saying take a seat in Spanish.  I will never forget that.


I bought about 15 souvenirs and got to see the illegal dumps in Comalapa and they were absolutely filthy.  I saw a dead cat lying in the river.  It was a legitimate mountain of trash on both sides.  The smell was unbearable and flies were everywhere.  There was another dump we saw: the legal dump.  It’s ironic because the legal dump is still detrimental to people’s health.  It looked like it was meant to be a beautiful rainforest but instead turned into an infestation of garbage due to lack of care from the government.

On the other hand, me, Kara, Kadine, Widly, and Yvesha made an amazing dinner today.

Our menu:


Arroz con frijoles verdes

Arroz blanco con tomatos y cebollas


Mangoes, papayas y pinas

Muy delicioso

Overall I had a good day  but I’m really tired so til next time. =)

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6 Responses to Market Day and Dump Tours

  1. Orly says:

    Hope you are all having a great time! I look forward to reading more about your travels

    -A member of the YEEP group

  2. You are all so very insightful! Thank you for your honesty and super-open journaling. I have been anticipating your posts daily and melt to find that you have shared more stories. Again, we are blessed to be walking with you through this transformative experience. With each thoughtful reflection, I think of the journeys and purposes that we are all meant to take and fulfill in this life. With (my kindred spirt) Kara’s thought, “It made me remember part of why we are here doing what we are doing” I find comfort that you all are listening to the messages and follow the signs to lead us to the path of love. Love for all, unconditionally, even for those that you don’t personally know. You have worked hard raising money so that you could work hard creating a sustainable school to help the people access a basic human right– you epitomize selfless love! I am uber inspired! and Teetering on the edge of my chair to hear more. Keep on with your bad selves!

  3. Ericka Temple says:

    Hello Get Fresh Crew! So excited to see you are all having such a great experience. I’m really happy you’ve made it to Comalapa after your hard work fundraising. I’m loving your blog, keep up the good work and enjoy the rest of your trip. Can’t wait to see what you guys do next!


    hey guys i am so happy that everything is going good we should skype sometime while you guys are there let me know… my number is 617 869 0340 remember to get a calling card

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