First Day of Service

The Get Fresh Crew walking to the work site.

From the Journal of: Kara

August 6, 2011 – Day 2 of Trip

Wow!  I’ve only been here for less than a day and I already learned so much about the culture here.  The people are so welcoming, smiling, and kissing everyone, it makes me feel so blessed. 

The hotel is wonderful, it is so homey and you can tell the hard work that went into making it and preparing it for us.  It is filled with love and that is going to make it all the more hard to leave on Friday. 

Waking up to roosters is going to take some getting used to, however, it helps me remember that I am not in Boston anymore.  I love this country.  It has a form of happiness to it that America lacks.

I can’t wait to start our first day of work together today.  I am sure ready to get down and dirty.

From the Journal of: Angel



The morning is so beautiful!  Sounds of traditional music played at a mellow tone over the roosters and the smell of burning wood prepping to make breakfast.  Comalapan mornings are truly beauty on its own level.

From the Journal of: Faetitia

Aug 6, 2011

There are no words to explain how amazing this feeling is.  First night here had to be the prettiest, looking up at the sky staring at the moon I realized that it’s in a completely different place in the sky than it is back at home.  This emphasized that we are here in a completely different part of the world.

Waking up to the roosters added to the homey feeling.  I didn’t shower today but it’s not as bad as I thought, although I would love to.  The hotel is beautiful: the ceramic tiles and dressed beds with blankets waiting for us.  I feel welcome here.  Now it’s breakfast time and I’m starving.  Gonna go eat now.  Til next time. =)

Ily kim*

After work reflection


I worked my butt off today.  We made cob, filled bottles with trash, made a wall out of trash, got filthy from head to toe with mud and clay.  It was epic.  For the past two days I’ve been here the food wasn’t really compatible with my palate but today at lunch this AMAZING family of caterers brought the best food we’ve had so far.  Not only did it have flavor but there was meat1  Beef to be exact.  My only problem was walking to the site.  I felt like I was drowning in the air because it was so hard to breathe going up the hill.  The air is thinner here because of the elevation and I was carrying a 10-pound backpack with rubber boots… Hopefully I’ll lose 5 pounds today hehe.  On the bright side my Spanish is getting soooo good!  I can carry on conversations with the native people here.  I guess the 3 years of Spanish paid off.

Last thing: Our conversations in the the room are EPIC!

One unique thing here is everyone in Guatemala does things on their own time.  No one has a fixed schedule for anything which is kind of relaxing since Americans are so structured and uptight.  This is a good experiment.  I have so much to say but my head hurts and I’m hungry so till next time. =)

Faetitia and crew making cob.

From the Journal of: Jennifer


Good morning Guatemala!  This is such a beautiful morning.  Last night things were jumping since we were so excited but as I step out of my room and embrace the sun, morning air, and listen to the music, I feel like I’m in heaven.  Today’s the first day of introduction to our mission and I can’t wait to get my hands dirty… even though they might already be a little dirty since we have to shower every other day.  Besides that, I love this place!

To work I go,


The Crew in one of the buildings at the Tecnico Maya school site.

It’s the end of our first day of work and I feel like we accomplished so much.  The walk was pretty long and the path wasn’t pleasant, but we had to suck it up.  But I can honestly tell you that if I stepped in any ‘droppings’ everyone would need to clear room.  Besides that, when we got to our location, I was amazed.  They told us that they should be able to finish the first phase of buildings by January 22, so keep your fingers crossed.  We were also informed that most kids do their best to learn English and then leave to go to the US because there aren’t that many schools here.  They need a way to support themselves.  This is one of the reasons we are helping to build this school and I’m so happy to be a part of it.  Making use of trash and building a wall… we are doing so much.

Tomorrow’s another day,


A model of the Tecnico Maya school project.

Elllie pushing trash in between bottles in the wall made of trash bottles.

From the Journal of: Y’vesha

August 6, 2011

After dinner

Today was our first day of work and it was amazing.  I had so much fun making cob, sticking it to the walls, stuffing the wall with trash, planting in the garden, peeing in a bush, climbing up hills, meeting all the friendly Comalapans, running away from dogs, avoiding poop, etc.  The family of caterers made us an amazing lunch.  The family was beautiful (cooking wise and physically).  The most captivating part of the day was the view.  It was absolutely beautiful.  The various hills, agriculture, and animals were breath-taking.

Erica with our amazing lunch.

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4 Responses to First Day of Service

  1. Ian Doreian says:

    love the wall made of trash, that’s some fresh sustainability!

  2. Sharde' says:

    Congrats to you all! So proud of you guys! Keep up the good/hardwork! You all are beyond amazing!


  3. Rejeanne and Leonard Kowalski says:

    Hello Erica and GetFreshCrew:
    Gram-ma and Grandpa love seeing all the pics and reading everyone’s great journal entries!! We are wondering if that bowl of food is as good at Erica’s ratatouille!! Keep putting in more pics and stories….we love’em!!!
    Be safe and stay well!!
    Gramma and Grampa Kowalski

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