Get Fresh Crew Sucessfully Raises Over $12,000

The Get Fresh Crew is ready to go to Guatemala! The group successfully raised over $12,000 through grassroots efforts to fund their 7-day service trip to help Long Way Home build a school in Comalapa, a section of Guatemala. The group is incredibly grateful and excited to go on this live-changing adventure.

Many thanks go to all the people who reached into their pocket to help fund this trip.  This trip was almost entirely funded by private donors, which is an amazing thing.  Approximately 75 donors donated between $10 and $500 to make this trip happen. The UMass-Boston Chancellor’s Office and the Vice Provost of Academic Support Services both made this trip possible through generous donations.

All donors are invited to a Bon Voyage Celebration the night before the group leaves. This celebration will take place as part of Upward Bound’s Family Day programming on Thursday, August 4 at 5:30pm at Regis College in Weston.  More details will be following soon.

To everyone who donated or passed this on to other, THANK YOU SO MUCH.  We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to make change in Guatemala.

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