August 17, 2012

From the journal of Yamaris Terrero.

Now that I am back home I dont feel the same as in Comalapa Im not talking as much and dont feel like I am doing much with my life. It was after a long day of walking up hills through a muddy path and working all day that I felt like something is being done. I would never forget the experience and the people I’ve met, the laughs I had, and the memories I’ve made. There is nothing compared to the sore muscles after working hard all day because I know I did something great. It was while on the trip that I truly realized what a privileged life I have It was one of those things that you are aware of and are told about a million times but never really take it in until it is seen first hand. I am glad for the life I have and now know to take advantage of everything I possibly could. I know for a fact I would do it again if I am presented the chance.

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Last Day in Heaven …

Goodbye Comalapa!

August 11, 2012

From the Journal of:  Kim

So it’s approximately 14 hours until I’m on the plane back to Miami and I don’t know how to feel exactly. Although I miss not having to think about where I would get water to brush my teeth, I’m going to miss the friendly people constantly saying ‘Buenas Dias!’ or ‘Como te llamas?’ I want so badly to stay but I know my home is in Boston, where this Guatemala trip first arose. I love all the hard work we’ve done and its a shame we have to leave but I know Guatemala will be seeing the Get Fresh Crew again and again and again!

See you soon Comalapa!

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Disappointment in Comalapa

August 10, 2012

From the journal of: Yamaris Terrero

Today was market day. For the first half, we visited the market and I expected to find many things that could only be found in Comalapa. I was so disappointed to see that only a small portion of the things could only be found in Guatemala, but a majority was things that could have been found in the U.S. I was disappointed that globalization is causing a region to lose its culture and western goods becoming common to people. In a way, Comalapa is losing its traditions. Those traditions are what makes it unique and stand out. In their history they fought long and hard to get where they are to not lose its culture. Now the people are removing themselves from it. Part of the mission of the school is to preserve that culturre in the community.

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friday in comalapa


from the journal of: Ray

It seemed that my stay in Comalapa couldn’t get better, but it did. Today was market day.  This is the day that I was looking forward to ever since I heard of it. There are fruits of all sort, and lots of cultural clothing. It’s one of the best places to be if you like shopping. Working today couldn’t be more fun. I had the opportunity to toss layers of cob on the building that we were working on. Maybe I will build a house out of trash and cob just for fun someday. Tomorrow is my last day. I plan to enjoy myself as best as I can. Helping to build a school for the first time is motivating.  The volunteers are very inspiring.  I hope to continue working in different countries. I’m having a wonderful time so far. I can’t wait for tomorrow to come.

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Chicken and French Fries in Comalapa

August 10, 2012

From the journal of: Melissa

After work today, many of us went to get Guatemalan fried chicken with french fries which I really craved. We strolled along the streets of Comalapa while the natives just coud not  help but stare at us as always. Before we got to the chicken stall, we went to the ATM with Angel and unfortunately the ATM was out of money. But this did not affect us at all. When we got to the vendor, she was really patient and respectful. when she gave me the french fries and the chicken, I could not wait to eat it. When I finally took a bite of the chicken, i was really pleased because it tasted just as great as i expected. The crispiness of the chicken was flavorful and the french fries were nothing like McDonalds.  I would definitely recommend anyone to try this fried chicken.

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Making a Difference

August 10,2012

From the journal of: Kortaysa

Im about to finish my week of being in Guatemala. These several days have been very life changing for me, and im pretty sure for everyone else as well. Doing the volunteering work I’ve truely felt like I’ve made a difference. From cleaning glass and can bottles, to mixing mud and water together. It feels good to be involved in change even though it can get tough. Everythings great, at first It was a big culture shock because everything is so different then you get used to it. The kids are amazing! And the community is so nice and welcoming. They are impoverished people, but there is so much love that you dont even pay attention to it. I love it here!


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Mud pie!

Faetitia and Getfreshcrew stomping some cob!

August 9, 2012

From the journal of: Faetitia

I finally got to make cob today which I was super excited about because that’s the only chance you get to get down and dirty (it makes you feel accomplished when you get dirt&mud on your clothes, trust me) Stomping and helping make the gooey mud clay mixture definitely worked some muscles I never knew I had! I enjoyed carrying heavy buckets of clay and sand up and down the hill, getting stuck a few times in the cob and having mud splash all over me. As soon as we got to the hotel we had to take our clothes off and hang them on the balcony; we don’t shower often here but today was deemed as a shower day for the majority of us. The weather was not quite up to par today since it was raining and cloudy for most of the day but nonetheless I did not let that reflect in my mood. Tomorrow is market day and I cannot wait! Day by day I get a tad bit sad knowing that my departure is approaching and there is so much more I want to do and see here in Guatemala. I must say the best part about this trip so far was going to the park yesterday and playing with the children they are soooooo cute!

P.s  we had LIZagna yesterday and it was the best lasagna I ever had! The food is so much better than last year, ’til next time, night:)

Faetitia and the children at the park.

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